I have been training since I was in high school, my first love was bodybuilding. I loved trying to sculpt myself into a bigger better version. Over the years I progressed into heavier and heavier weight and was eventually coarsed into powerlifting by Drew Cheatham.

First meet I was hooked.

Since then I have gone on to a 1950 total at XPC Worlds at the Arnold Sports Festival. (Still chasing that 2k) I am currently working full time at BMF, coaching, training and programming for athletes of all backgrounds and goals. If you are looking to take that first step into fitness, or a tenured athlete looking for someone to help smooth out the edges, this is the place to be.

As a Coach I have helped lifters break State, national, world and ATWR. (Tested and Un Tested) As a lifter I am currently #54 all time in Squats,(Raw and Wrapped) and look to improve upon that in 2023.

Powerlifting Coaching

Powerlifting Coaching and Programming is tailored to the lifter, based on his/her weaknesses. The program is aimed at improving the lifter across all metrics and helping them learn the reasoning behind the madness. I feel it is my responsibility to not only help the lifter improve, but to also learn how to pick out thier weaknesses and how to address them.

1 on 1 Coaching

1 on 1 is training with roadside assistance. It is my job to help you create healthy motor patterns, proper form and to teach you all that is needed so you can eventually go out on your own. Sessions typically last 60-75 minutes and go from Novice to Expert.

Sport Specific Strength

Sport Specific is a program designed to help athletes become more explosive, stronger and increase muscular endurance to help them better preform at thier chosen sport/position. This can be online only or any variation of online and 1 on 1.


Nutritional Programming is aimed at helping you meet your caloric needs for whatever it is you are prepping for. Wether it be for weight loss, strength, size or just to maintain your current physic. This is often the biggest missing piece of the puzzle for most people and where most people see the biggest impact on there day to day lives.

Form and Technique Work

If you are having issues with a lift or movement: We can schedule a session where we go over the lift, find the reasons you are having issues and set you on the path to correcting it and getting you back to hitting PRs.

Meet Day Services

If you are needing a helping hand for an upcoming meet, look no further. From helping you get warm to pciking numbers, we got you.