BMF Sucess Stories

Greg B.

Greg is probably the most dedicated athlete I’ve come across in years.  He is the client every coach wants.  In the 6+ months we’ve been working together,  he has missed one session (which he made up) due to work obligations.  He takes his training very seriously and does everything that is asked of him both inside out and outside the gym.  He is always attentive to instructions and has never complained once.  Oh and did I mention: This dude works his ASS off!  Watching the beastly inner athlete emerge from Greg has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my coaching career.

Always the hard workerAlways the hard worker

Results so far:

  • 80 lbs fat loss!
  • Eliminated high blood pressure!
  • Zero to 14 unbroken pushups!
  • 38.5 inches lost!
  • 70 lb increase in Deadlift strength!
  • 100 lb increase in Back Squat strength!

  • Greg's Testimonial

    I started training with BMF fitness as my 2013 New Year’s Resolution. I am now headed into April and still going strong. Before I started working with BMF I felt like one of the least physically fit people in Austin. I had tried dieting, running, joining a gym, but I had never found a fitness and nutrition regiment I felt like I could maintain long enough to reach my health goals. Like a lot of people, I felt like I knew what I should be doing to reach my goals, but needed help developing a routine that would work for me. That is where BMF came in.  BMF educated me about the benefits of a Paleo based diet rich in protein and fresh vegetables. BMF designed workouts for my level of fitness and strength. My favorite part of training with BMF is not just that I am getting leaner and stronger, it is that I am gaining an understanding of how my body works. I was not the least fit person in Austin, I just had a weak upper body. BMF identified my weaknesses and strengths and incorporates some of both into each workout so that I feel good about what I’ve accomplished afterword.

    Greg killin' it on Front SquatsGreg killin

    The combination of my own hard work and BMF’s dedication to and investment in me as a client has already produced results. In less than 3 months I have lost about 9% of my total body weight and am almost 1/3 of the way toward accomplishing my total weight loss goal. Before BMF, I had never done a proper push-up. Ever. In life. After 11 weeks I was able to perform 2 strict pushups. Each day I reach for places on my body and am surprised to feel muscle where there used to just be flab. I would highly recommend BMF training to anyone who is looking to look better or feel better about themselves.  I cannot wait to see what results my next 3 months will produce.


Crushin' some weighted step-ups!Crushin

Chris M.

I have known Chris for many years yet he still continues to surprise me.  Chris has a tenacity about him during workouts that you wouldn’t expect from his usual care-free personality.  Once in the gym, Chris becomes extremely focused and works exceedingly hard.  He is always coming to me with new goals and reevaluating his progress.  In the time we’ve been working together I have seen him grow by leaps and bounds in work capacity, athleticism, and body composition.  I absolutely love working with Chris and can’t wait to see what he will continue to accomplish!

Results so far:

  • First Handstand pushup!
  • 150% increase in work capacity!
  • Significantly improved posture!
  • Increased size of chest, shoulders & arms!
  • Reduced size of waist & hips!

  • Chris Testimonial

    I joined BMF Training in order to get in shape for my wedding.  I work a desk job at a tech startup here in Austin where I sit for long hours.  It’s not as though I was completely out of shape or overweight. I just was not overly fit and active. Since our wedding day was going to be the day that a number of people remember me by and what I’m going to reflect on, I wanted to be in better shape and lose some body fat.

    From the beginning Brian worked me hard, but he adjusted the workout to adapt to my level of fitness. In one of my first few workouts I couldn’t get up to do a handstand against the wall. Two months later, it was rewarding when I was able to do hand stand on my own. Then a couple of months later I was able to do some handstand pushups. Brian really has a deep level of knowledge about training and biomechanics in general–he has an MS in Biomechanical Engineering. He takes the time to explain not just the “How” of training, but the “Why” associated with the movements and overall concepts. This really makes for a more comfortable training session since I know and trust that he knows his stuff.

    Time is a precious commodity to me. When I have the opportunity to work-out, I want to get the most out of it. BMF Training really does understand this and works with me to keep me successful. Brian not only accommodated my erratic work travel schedule (two week trip to Asia) but also gave me the tools to help me with success. I was training until the day I left, then he provided me a suggested workout schedule and routine that allowed for maximum flexibility. 

    First Handstand!First Handstand!

    My wedding was three months ago, and I’m happy to report that I successfully lost 10lbs of fat and 5% body fat. BMF Training not only helped me reach my goals, but also gave me the motivation to continue staying in shape. There is no possibility of ending my training with BMF. The excellent results, support and flexibility it gives me are too much to let go.


Rachel M.

Rachel is much more of an athlete than she gives herself credit for.  She tends to be a little cautious with a new exercise or movement but very quickly masters it and looks like a seasoned veteran in no-time.  She also has a fiery alter ego (which I lovingly refer to as “Ray Ray”) that she can tap into during especially difficult WODs.  Don’t be fooled though.  This girl is much tougher than she looks (although she’s looking tougher every day!).  Rachel continues to surprise not only me but also herself and I love watching her crush workouts on the daily!

Always full depth!Always full depth!

Results so far:

  • First strict push-up!
  • Greatly increased muscle tone!
  • 170% improvement in work capacity!
  • Lost inches around waist and hips!
  • 50 lb increase in Sumo Deadlift strength!
  • 65 lb improvement in conventional Deadlift!

  • Rachel's Testimonial

    Before BMF Training, I had never had much of an athletic background. I never played school sports or actively worked out.  I naturally have a petite body build and never felt compelled to workout.  I was content with my body image if it meant I could remain lazy and avoid unnecessary physical labor.  I always thought that working out was only for those whom wanted to drop pounds and change their body image.  I never thought of working out for “fitness and health” reasons.  I honestly can’t say what triggered it, but one day I woke up and decided “I want to be the best physical ‘me’ possible and start living a healthy lifestyle.”  I knew what I wanted, but getting there was the problem.  I’m normally a very out-going, personable person, but when it comes to working out or sports, I do not like people watching me. The thought of a large gym with complete strangers watching me workout, scared the heck out of me and I was not going to do it.  So I hit a wall. And then my solution came…BMF training. I heard from a friend that Brian was starting BMF training and I knew this was my time to go after the results I wanted.

    Rockin' the Kettlebell swings!Rockin

    With the lack of an athletic/workout background, you might imagine how nervous I was to start BMF training. Everything was new to me, from the workout moves to the feeling of complete exhaustion. I had no lifting form and Brian had his hands full with me.  Brian did an excellent job of remaining patient while I repeatedly incorrectly attempted workout movements.  Brian always found a way to get me to understand what I was supposed to be doing, even if it meant trying numerous teaching techniques. I was nervous to have someone tell me that I needed to push harder and keep moving, because I thought I would either end up injuring myself or becoming burned out by all the pressure.  I’ve never once had to worry about that with Brian.  Brian truly gets to know his clients and understands their personalities and capabilities.  He takes the time to figure you out, so he knows whether you’re having a bad day or just being lazy and he can encourage accordingly.

    Within the first couple of weeks I could already see a change in my athletic abilities, and I felt better overall.  After about a month, my friends and family were telling me the changes they could already start to see and I personally could feel I had more energy, felt great, and was overall in a better mood.  The positive feedback made me more and more excited to go to each training session with Brian. In the past, I’d start a workout routine and give up about a month later when I didn’t see any results. BMF didn’t give me the chance to give up, because I could not deny the results.  I just recently did my very first strict push-up (non-assisted push-up) and it felt amazing. It was a tangible accomplishment that made my hard work payoff.

    Outside of BMF, I regularly find myself in the middle of an activity and I hear Brian’s voice telling me how I should properly carryout this activity (everything from lifting an object or walking up a hill, to what I choose to eat for a meal).   I’ve realized BMF has found a way to seep into all areas of my life and work positively towards making the best version of me possible!