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I have worked all of my adult life in technical fields, starting in the military and continuing until today. I’m a jack-of-all-trades, master of none type. I know enough about electronics, mechanics, and optics to be successful in my field. I’m not an engineer, but I think like one; I’m curious how things work, I question the status quo, I need evidence to believe something is true, and I don’t trust information that doesn’t make sense to me. These characteristics transfer into my profound interest in food.

I’m not a nutritionist, I don’t particularly like to cook (although I do, because I like to eat), and I have never had a garden. However, although I have no formal education in the food sciences, I’m a fundamental, autodidactic foodie. I read everything I can on what we should eat and why.

I have been on a relentless search of what it means when we’re told to “eat right and exercise.” Especially the “eat right” part.

“Eat right” sounds so simple, but ask 100 people what it means and you’ll probably get 100 variations of the answer from veganism to Paleo. Some people will simply answer honestly that they have no idea what it means. And of course, what we believe is the best “eat right” advice today will change tomorrow. How many books have been written, confident that the answer lies within their pages? I’ve read these books, watched the documentaries, and tried endless diets/plans. So far nothing has been THE ANSWER for me. I have however, learned a lot. There are pieces and parts that make sense to me.

In this blog I will share ideas I have formed from my investigation over the years. These ideas help me navigate through all the information that is thrown at us every day about how to eat right. When I can, I’ll share good sources of information so you can build on your own knowledge of how to eat right.

Fine print; I’ll do my best to be thorough without too much science-y stuff. And most of all, I’ll try to be as accurate as I can be with what we understand today. Remember, I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, so if you read something in this blog that doesn’t make sense to you, do what I do — find what works for you.