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Go heavy or go f*** yourself. Another great shirt from Hybrid Athletics!Go heavy or go f*** yourself. Another great shirt from Hybrid Athletics!




Brian South

Owner & Head Coach

Like most kids growing up, I played a fair amount of sports. I dabbled in basketball and swimming, but baseball and soccer were the most fun for me. In high school, I became a hurdler and anchored the 4 x 400 m but moved up the 800 m my senior year. Although I did achieve some success, I was far from the best at anything. I found myself being “pretty dang good” at a lot of sports but never excelling at any one in particular. Once in college, all my physical activity essentially ceased, and fast food and beer became the norm. Then one day I found myself stepping out of the shower and (after doing a double take) thinking “Who’s the fat guy staring back at me in the mirror?” My lean 155 lb runner’s frame from high school had now ballooned up to 225 lbs of soft, pale, doughy, pudginess. I had gone from 10 mile runs to getting winded going up a flight a stairs; from playing 90 minutes in a soccer game to having to hold my breath to tie my shoes. At 22, I found myself in the worst shape of my life and I knew something had to change.

The following week, I began reading up on health and nutrition. I bought a few Men’s Health and Muscle & Fitness magazines and cruised some body building forums. I wanted to lose the body fat I had accumulated and become big and muscular. However, this was before I knew much and so segmented training was the way to go (Monday: chest and back; Tuesdays: legs; Wednesday: cardio and abs; etc). I was doing five 2-hour workouts a week. It was like having a second job and I was getting NOWHERE! Sure, I could see minor improvements but not anywhere near the return on my investment. I was also eating “healthy” but still feeling like crap. I didn’t have much energy, slept poorly, napped frequently and got sick quite a bit. Then in 2010, I finally tuned things around.

This was a vacation around my 21st birthday (2003). Not quite my heaviest tho...This was a vacation around my 21st birthday (2003). Not quite my heaviest tho...

Costa Rica 2012 Vacation!Costa Rica 2012 Vacation!



I am a very skeptical person by nature. I tend to roll my eyes when people say that something was “life changing” so it is with much hesitation that I’ll getting into shape did just that. I had finally found a fitness system that worked! In the first few months I had shed body fat, gained muscle and increased strength like never before and I was only working out 3 hours a week! The workouts were challenging, fast-paced, constantly varied and, oddly, fun! I tend to get bored easily so the diverse exercise format was perfect for me and I actually looked forward to tackling a never-been-done-before workout. I am now 30 years old and can say without hesitation that I’m in the best shaped of my life (even compared to that 155 lb runner from High School). I am more productive and motivated that I’ve ever been before. My sleep, attitude and mood are all greatly improved. However, the greatest thing about being fit is the fact that I feel great 98% of the time and get to be the person I’ve always wanted to be. I can be a good son, brother and friend because I’m no longer burdened by fatigue, sickness and depression. My only regret is that I did not make a better effort to being fit sooner. Better late than never!

Our human body is a truly amazing machine. The incredible intricacy of all of its separate-yet-interrelated systems (musculoskeletal, nervous, digestive, endocrine, immune, etc) never ceases to amaze me. It is truly stunning to think about all the complex tasks that our brains and bodies deal with simultaneously and on a daily basis. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, I decided to pursue Biomechanical Engineering in graduate school. This proved to be a perfect fit for me: blending my fascination with the human musculoskeletal system with my academic background in engineering. My thesis was focused on optimizing the response of a prosthetic foot to improve the gait of transtibial, unilateral amputees. This work gave me a great understanding of how the structure of our bodies (muscles, bones, tendons, etc) combined with the motor cortex all work together to accomplish a task. I have a true understanding of the entire mechanical structure of our joints and limbs which has proved invaluable when applied to physical fitness.

In the fall of 2012, I found myself needing something more. My day job was fantastic and my training was going extremely well. My schedule and routine were manageable and fun and I really had no complaints. However, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had more energy than I had things to put into. I needed a “hobby” or a “second job” or something more but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then, after encouragement from my longtime friend and coach, I realized that being a coach myself was an ideal solution. I have always loved helping people and teaching others how to be fit and healthy and move their bodies is right up my alley. I understand what it’s like to be fat and miserable. I have also tried and failed numerous times to get back in shape. High intensity exercise is, in my opinion, is the most efficient and effective way to get in shape and stay there.

Pullups were my nemesis for a long time...Pullups were my nemesis for a long time...


Never neglect the gymnastics!Never neglect the gymnastics!

I want others to learn from the fitness mistakes I’ve made.

I want everyone to be fit and healthy.

I want everyone to be a BMF!

 Come train!




Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering – The University of Texas at Austin
Master of Science – Biomechanical Engineering – The University of Texas at Austin


USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance Coach
CrossFit Level 1 Certification (CF-L1)
CrossFit Strongman Certification
CrossFit Defense Certification
CrossFit Powerlifting Certification
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification


Freestyle Connection Gymnastics Seminar with Carl Paoli