What we do at BMF Training…

Take a second to watch the video on the right. This is some footage filmed during the finale of our 2013 Fall Fitness Frenzy which proved to be an awesome event. All of the participating athletes experienced significant performance gains, fat loss, and overall better health! BMF Training is full of hard-working, supportive, motivating athletes and coaches who will give you the encouragement you need to get in the best shape of your life. You will have fun, stay safe, and look better than you ever thought possible!

“We don’t use machines. We build them.”

So just what is BMF Training?
While we do utilize many training methods including USA Weightlifting, Westside Barbell and many others, there is no ‘Kool-Aid’ here.  We emphasize a VERY strong coach-athlete relationship and absolutely top-notch instruction, programming, and nutrition.
We have small classes to keep you SAFE and ensure you continue to develop properly as an athlete.  Our classes are capped at THREE people to ensure that you get loads of coaching attention so you are always moving efficiently and remain injury-free.  You will not be lost in the crowd at BMF Training.  There are no crowds.
Really out of shape? We’ll fix that.  No previous athletic experience?  Not a problem.  Worried that fast-paced workouts are too dangerous?  We’re not.  We specialize in those clients who realize the value of quality coaching and attention to proper form.  We believe that you can have high-intensity workouts without sacrificing technique.
You will get RESULTS with BMF Training.  Our athletes universally love the way they look and feel.  They have more energy, are in a better mood, have fewer health problems and look fantastic naked (or so we’re told!).  No matter what your goals, we will make it happen for you through effective training and smart nutrition.
Come get in the best shape of your life!
Brian South
Owner & Head Coach


Brian's the most professional and knowledgeable trainer I've had. Somehow he makes the brutal workouts enjoyable. He got me in shape for my wedding day, but I've stayed on because the results are so great... There is no possibility of ending my training with BMF. The excellent results, support and flexibility it gives me are too much to let go.–Chris M.

The combination of my own hard work and BMF's dedication to and investment in me as a client has already produced results. In less than 3 months I have lost about 9% of my total body weight and am almost 1/3 of the way toward accomplishing my total weight loss goal. Before BMF, I had never done a proper push-up. Ever. In life. After 11 weeks I was able to perform 2 strict pushups!.. I cannot wait to see what results my next 3 months will produce.–Greg B.

Brian truly gets to know his clients and understands their personalities and capabilities. He takes the time to figure you out, so he knows whether you’re having a bad day or just being lazy and he can encourage accordingly.–Rachel M.